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3 Ways Graduate Recruiters Can Give Back in 2019

December is the season for giving. It reminds us to be grateful and inspires us to embrace our humanity, just that little bit more. It’s also the season for fruit cakes and shortbread, but we won’t dwell on that here. 

The graduate recruiter’s life can be cyclic; a series of events that flow like clockwork throughout the year from attraction to recruitment to shortlisting to onboarding and to development as well! It’s easy to get caught up in the workload and lose track of time.

Hello - It’s Christmas calling.

And despite starting the year with the best of intentions that we’d volunteer to support students and youth in their search for valued careers, we’ve run out of time!

So, in this spirit of giving, we were inspired to think about how we can give back to South Africa’s young talent in 2019.

Because graduate recruitment is a heartful job, we’re all in it for the right reasons – to help our talented future leaders land the jobs of their young dreams.

Here are three ways to give back as graduate recruiters.

Let us know which ones you try!

#1 Participate in the weekly #JobAdviceSA tweetchat

What’s a tweetchat, you wonder? Every Monday at 4pm, industry experts and unemployed young people gather together on twitter under the hashtag JobAdviceSA and answer questions regarding all aspects of recruitment. Share your expertise with a captive audience, while contributing positively to your employer brand! Check out the page here:

#2 Connect with your local TVET College to offer work readiness support

TVET Colleges are untapped mines in the higher education space, offering educational opportunities to their students who are motivated to enhance their education and job prospects despite sometimes difficult personal circumstances. Why don’t you and your colleagues spend a morning running mock interviews, CV and letter prep, or office etiquette training? See here for a list of TVET Colleges all over South Africa:

#3 Sign up for the YES Programme

Ramaphosa’s flagship youth employment programme was launched earlier this year and has steadily been gaining momentum. Make a business case to host YES participants in your company and give young people their first job, and their first opportunity at building a better life for themselves. Visit the YES website here to find out more:

There you have it – three heart-warming, meaningful ways you can give back to our young talent in 2019, simply doing what you love. 

Let us know which initiatives you take part in; flick Jen an email at [email protected]


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