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5 Super Simple Tasks You Can Do Now to Get the Jump on 2019

It’s the end of the year and your brain is fried and ready to retire. You’re probably so eager for the festive break you’ve already wiped your desk with Handy Andy, emptied your IN tray, and flicked your desk calendar over to January twenty nineteen. With great satisfaction.

But before you check out, we suggest you make a head start on a few of those new year admin tasks, so you can start the new year prepared.

We promise they’ll be super simple things that won’t require much brain power but will help you get a grip on your 2019 to-do list so you can kick the year off with a bang!

#1 Call your soon-to-be starters

Before you leave the office for the year, you want to do one last phone call to your successful graduates. It’s a courtesy call to check-in and wish them well over the festive season. Keep it short and sweet and leave them excited to start the new year with you. You’ll reassure them they made the right choice and retain their commitment to your organisation (no one likes returning to a renege list in the new year!)

#2 File the year away

It’s time to file away the last few CVs, interview notes, and assessment results for the year. Make sure you’re abiding by POPI requirements and keep all documents in a private and secure location. You want to end the year with a clear desk, and clear mind; so get organising.

#3 Print your welcome packs

If you’re kicking off the year with induction, print and prepare all of the content you can before you leave for the holidays. Packing induction packs is time-consuming, but it’s mindless work and a bit cathartic, which means you can do it one of those December afternoons when you’d really rather be drinking a festive cocktail and can’t imagine doing “real” work!

#4 Check your desks

Candidate experience extends to the candidate landing in the business successfully, so follow-up with the Procurement Department or Office Manager. Have all of the computers, phones, and mouse pads been ordered? Have you filled in all of the ‘New Employee Forms’ that you need to? Are there enough desks and chairs for your January starters? Don’t be caught red-faced next year looking unprepared – impress your new starters by being organised (it’ll do wonders for your engagement).

#5 Catch-up on your reading

Remember how you signed up for all those newsletters and mailing lists during the year to help level up your industry knowledge? Now’s the time to check what you’ve been receiving and decide whether it’s worthwhile content you’ll have time to engage with in the new year (that’s us!), or, is it time you hit the unsubscribe button and declutter your inbox.

Imagine how satisfied you’ll feel skipping into work next year with a clean desk, clean slate, with lots of space to impress? If you havn't subscribed to our newsletter yet let us know so you can stay up to date with graduate recruitment news: email [email protected].

Enjoy your break!


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