5 tips to help you engage Gen Z grads, post acceptance

Posted by Jen van Heerden


New graduate on boarding begins from the moment they accept your offer. You can positively enhance your employer brand experience and employee engagement when you do it well.

Gen Z grads seek communicative and inclusive organisations. So, the more you can remain connected with them after the fuss of assessment centres and letters of agreement have settled – the more likely you’ll see bright, eager, and engaged grads report for duty in the new year.

Here are our top tips to keep your new graduates engaged during the acceptance to start date lull.

1. Integrate them into your company as soon as they accept your offer

Give them a project. Allow them to lead, and to feel the fabric of your company culture by providing them with work experience, part-time or casual work.

It doesn't necessarily even have to be in their area of expertise - a 360 degree view of your company might help them when they eventually start the grad role.

2. Use social media

Chances are your grads are already using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Utilise these channels to engage them. Create a special hashtag for your grads and start sharing content from your company. Include photos from company events, parties and perks. Invite them to a Facebook Live event and allow them to ask you questions from the comfort of their own couch. Align your brand with their excitement about starting their career with your company.

3. Create a culture of support for your new grads

Assign a buddy or a mentor to your grads. This will allow the grad to ask all the questions they may have avoided during the recruitment process. A great way to do this is through Facebook group mentorships which allows for direct communication between employees and grads and an optional inbuilt mentorship module should the grad want a framework around their mentorship.

4. Events

Invite them to team lunches or interesting internal presentations. Maybe you have a motivational speaker coming in to shake up the workday. Why not invite your grads to help them get inspired?

Organise special social gatherings for them and help them break through the awkwardness of work first-days. Show them that when they start their career at your company they'll be having fun too!

5. Automate digital communications

Create a dedicated automated email sequence which includes relevant (and public) company news, team updates, events, helpful graduate program information, and praise your coworkers and grads from previous years! Not only will this inspire them to achieve as soon as they start their grad role, it will show them that their efforts will be rewarded too.

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