Get your grad tools ready - what should you pack in your recruitment toolbox to grab the best grads in 2018?

Posted by Samantha Drysdale

Here are our top tips for getting the 2018 recruitment season off to the best start possible!

  1. An early start. The best grads are snapped up fast, so don’t be caught snoozing. Forget about easing into the year; BLAZE into it and go get your grad!
  2. An attractive social media campaign. The days of boring, wordy ads are over. You need images, catchy tag lines, and a compelling message that captures and communicates the essence of your employer brand. It’s a non-negotiable, so get some time in with your Marketing team and start making magic!
  3. An on-campus battle plan. Pick and choose which universities you want to visit, and base it on the strength of the academic programmes that you’re interested in recruiting from. If you spray and pray on campuses you’ll hit the midyear mark with burnout looming and questions being asked about your ROI. Be selective, and resist employer “peer pressure” - DON’T just go because others are going, go because it makes sense for you!
  4. An updated LinkedIn profile. Enterprising students search for graduate recruiters on LinkedIn, so make sure you’re searchable. Include terms like “graduate recruiter”, “young talent”, or “graduate development” in your profile.


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