Have you Googled ‘Graduate Jobs’ lately?

Posted by David Jenkins

One of the first questions we often get is: “How does GradConnection get traffic?”. Often the expected response is that we attend career events to generate the traffic. Although this is part of our strategy it’s not actually what get’s us the majority of traffic. So what does?

Simple, start by going to Google and searching ‘graduate jobs’ or perhaps ‘graduate programmes’.

Graduate Opportunities

 How many students and graduates in the country do you think go through a similar process? A lot, in fact over 50,000 in the past month alone (and we’re not even in a peak month!).

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how many different, but related graduate searches happen every day of the year. In the past month alone the different search terms coming through are over 20,000 combinations. Here are the top 10 -


The higher up the rankings and more search terms we rank for the more traffic we’ll continue to get. The net effect of this is a HUGE increase in traffic. To put this in perspective below shows you traffic over the past month vs the same time last year -


Providing increases in traffic of


 During the peak season later in the year we’ll be having over 100,000 graduates coming through the site each month. Make sure that you’re one of the employers who can benefit from this reach.


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