What to watch out for in 2018

Posted by Samantha Drysdale

2018 is bound to be another year of change in the world of higher education, and in turn, graduate recruitment. Here are some things to look out for:

The implementation of the Heher Fees Commission Report

The long-awaited Heher Report was released in November 2017, amidst increasing student protests across South African campuses. In 2018, pressure will be on government and tertiary institutions to engage with the report and to start implementing its recommendations. Graduate employers need to watch this space, and be ready to respond accordingly.

Online learning

As more and more reputable South Africa higher education institutions make their academic programming available online, how will this affect the experience of students and their graduate attributes? And what does online learning mean for graduates entering the workplace? Keep an eye out for online learning trends in 2018.


It’s been happening and it’s going to continue happening: teenagers and students are engaging less on Facebook and more on Instagram. Using social media to build an employer brand means going beyond traditional social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and getting involved with Instagram, SnapChat and whatever else pops up in 2018!


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