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5 Tips to Help You Snag a Data Science Graduate

One of the biggest trends we saw in 2018 was the growing popularity of graduates in the field of data science. That won’t change anytime soon. 

In 2019, data science grads will stay in-demand, and we’re even predicting that those studying related disciplines will have their pick of employment options upon graduating. We’ll help you understand the benefits of hiring data science graduates (and our top 5 tips to help you snag one!).

Understanding data science

What is data science, and what’s all the fuss about?

Data science is an emerging field; a multidisciplinary blend of data analytics and associated practices; algorithm development, data inference, and technology. We use data science to solve analytically complex problems. 

We are said to create close to five exabytes of data every two days (is that even a real thing?).

Data science is what makes sense of all this individual data by collating and comparing it. Data Scientists can integrate and manipulate data into patterns to help them draw out meaningful knowledge that drives better business decision-making. 

Why is data science so valuable in a 2019 workplace? 

Data holds valuable insights into customer behaviour, market intelligence, and operational performance, which can inform product development and deployment. It’s needed in all industries; engineering, banking, retail, construction – you name it!

Companies wanting to be competitive need to offer services that are relevant and responsive to a constantly shifting market, and understanding their data is key.

What has a data science graduate studied?

Data science graduates could come from a science, commerce, or humanities background – providing a highly desirable and diverse skillset. New courses are moving away from the purely technical focus, incorporating computational, data analytical, data stewardship, machine learning, statistics, teamworking, communication, and project design skills. 

Graduates are likely to walk away specialising in areas like Applied Urban Analytics, Computer Science Data Informatics, Management and Business, Mathematics, or Social Analytics. 

5 Tips to help you snag a data science grad

Don’t be fooled by the word data - Data science is not at all boring. Which means you need to offer opportunities where your graduate will be doing meaningful analysis of data, not just mindless copy-pasting in Excel! Here are a few ways you can create a job opportunity that stands out:

  1. Highlight the kinds of problems that graduates will be working with in order to generate exciting solutions for your business
  2. Explain the value of the work and how it contributes to the company’s general operations/bottom-line (visual impact) 
  3. Describe what ongoing training and support and on-the-job learning graduates can expect - because the field is emerging, there is a lot of learning that happens on-the-go! 
  4. Sell your working environment, highlighting your workplace culture and how graduates can expect their teams to operate
  5. Offer a competitive remuneration package (do your research to see what’s being offered).

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to target and secure top talent in the field of Data Science, reach out to us at [email protected] to chat further.


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