Free 'How to get the job you want' E-book for students!

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Free -E-Book - How to get the job you want

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 

  • Targeting the ideal job for me 
  • Why do I need to work? Why am I going for this job? 
  • What do you want to wear to work? And where do you want to work? 
  • What hours do you want to work? 
  • What environment do you want to work in? 
  • What benefits do you want and need? 
  • What growth do you want to pursue? 
  • Summary  

Chapter 2 

  • What do I put in my curriculum vitae (CV, Resume) and cover letter?
  • Should I tailor my resume and cover letter to every application? 
  • Your resume 
  • Summary for your resume 
  • Layout & design 
  • Resume final thoughts 
  • Summary for your cover letter 

Chapter 3 

  • Getting the best out of the interview? 
  • What Will We Talk About? 
  • Commonly Asked Interview Questions 
  • Some frequently asked questions 
  • Questions about your qualifications for the position 
  • Questions about your ability to work for the organisation 
  • Difficult to answer questions 
  • How to answer questions using the STAR structure 
  • Closing the Interview 
  • The final close 
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Interview 

Chapter 4

  • The what and why of Psyche tests 
  • Aptitude or ability tests 
  • Work style questionnaires (personality/motivation/emotional intelligence) 
  • Can I pass or fail psychometric assessments? 
  • Can I prepare for a psychometric assessments or aptitude tests 
  • Tips to remember before the Psychometric Assessment 
  • Tips to remember on the day and while doing the Psychometric Assessment 

Chapter 5  

  • The assessment centre process 
  • Before you arrive 
  • At the assessment centre 
  • Group exercises 
  • Helpful tips to remain confident 
  • Useful links and resources  

Chapter 6

  • I have an offer should I accept? 
  • You Have a Job Offer. Now What? 
  • Does the Offer Add Up? 

Chapter 7 

  • I got it, what now? 
  • Summary 
  • 9 Secrets to getting the job you really want 
  • Final thoughts 


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