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Our principles

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Our principles

Our four guiding principles:

At Genesis, four principles guide everything we do. These are:

A focus on analytical strength

Economics is our core tool, to which we apply many other tools – financial, strategic and evaluative – to improve decisions and unlock value. We pride ourselves on the quality of our analysis. Every professional at Genesis is required to wield our analytical tools with rigour, imagination and, when called for, courage.

Being at home in both the private and public sectors, especially where they meet

We strongly believe in the same teams servicing both the corporate and the public sectors. Experience in the one, we believe, enriches our work in the other. As a result of this cross-learning, we are often asked to work in the zone where the market meets the state.

Ethics above expedience

In Africa, as elsewhere, the zone where the state meets the market is crowded with many firms and operators, from the corrupt to the expedient to the ethical. We have chosen a consistently ethical approach. We work hard to earn and maintain a reputation for rigour and fairness, as well as for helping to improve the system we live and work in.

A focus on the world in which the decision is made, as well as on the world in which it will be executed

As a firm, we seek to improve a wide range of decisions on behalf of our clients: from decisions regarding regulatory processes in a multi-billion-dollar industry to decisions about the nutrition of a young woman in rural Rwanda. We believe that the focus on decision context sets us apart from our competitors.


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