Mmatshego Tamoledi Makoti

University of Cape Town

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Mmatshego Tamoledi Makoti

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My interest is in analysis and I am looking to get into a graduate programme that will allow me to progress to this role. I have a year’s experience in a stockbroking firm but they did not have an internal analyst division where I could progress to. I have a Bachelor of commerce degree in accountancy which is good basis for analysis but I furthered my studies to include investments. I have an Advanced diploma in financial markets and will be writing my CFA level 11 exam in June 2018. I am hard working and I always take initiative, using what I have to do better. Through my involvement with toastmasters, student societies and tutoring throughout varsity, I have nurtured the soft skills that I think are needed in corporate. I am a fast learner and I adapt easily. This graduate role is the perfect opportunity to start and apply what I have learned in theory also hoping to add value to my work through completing the CFA charter. I have a financial markets practitioner occupational certificate through the South African Institute of Stockbrokers where I had to complete a portfolio management and trading and settlements exam. These practical exams and the experience I have had have helped me understand the stockbroking and asset management functions. Hoping that my application will be considered. Your sincerely Tamoledi Makoti


Work Rights:
  • South African Permanent Resident
  • South Africa
  • English


  • University of the Witwatersrand - Bachelor in Accounting
    Graduation date:
    • Accounting
    Degree Level:
  • University of Johannesburg - Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and finance
    Graduation date:
    • Banking and finance
    Degree Level:
    Postgraduate Diploma
  • University of Cape Town - Bachelors with Honours in Banking and finance
    Graduation date:
    • Banking and finance
    Degree Level:
    Bachelors with Honours


  • Company Name:
    Intern at Noah Capital Markets
    Start - End Dates:

    I rotated between the 4 departments of the stockbroker and assisted in the roles: trading, research analysis, settlements and compliance and research sales.


  • Occupational Certificate

    Financial Markets Practitioner

  • CFA Institute

    I passed CFA level 1


  • analytical

    collect numerical data from Bloomberg; analysed market news and produced an update, produced short research updates for clients, interpreting financial statements

  • communication

    hosted conference calls successfully in meetings; secretary of toastmasters public speaking club; assisted clients on settlement queries; email correspondence with clients for duration of internship (11 Months); Interacted with analysts on roadshows and company presentations, tutoring positions

  • problem solving

    The financial markets practitioner exam is a scenario based exam and very practical, we had to create a portfolio for a client but first assessing their risks and objectives; dealt directly with client queries when supervisors were not available

  • time managment

    met deadlines at work – submitting documents for roadshows and sending broker notes by 7am; I completed my diploma, my internship and CFA level 1 in one year, this required extreme time management

  • numeracy

    completed successfully various numerical exams and assessments in my studies including CFA 1 which indicated excellent numerical abilty

Interest & Hobbies

  • reading

    Current affairs, Books

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